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M.Phil, C.Text, FTI, MRSC, MAE

Office: Far Close, Rolleston Road, Fiskerton, Southwell, Nottinghamshire NG25 0UJ

Tel: 07976 425899



CHAIRMAN, Ellis Developments Ltd, since 1984. Research and Development company involved in both contract research and in-house product development in the field of textile material science for engineering and other applications, particularly composites and surgical implants. Projects include managing the development of Inkjet printing technology for tissue engineering funded by The UK Micro- and Nano- Technology Programme, a Health Technology Devices project for the development of Spider-like silk for surgical applications; a project to incorporate micro sensors into Carbon Composite Structures; a Faraday Advance project to develop node and truss structures using new materials for the improvement of wing structures for civil aircraft: the main project sponsors being Airbus UK and the Department of Trade and Industry; Management of a £700,000 LINK collaborative research project developing fibre placement techniques for reinforced plastics; a £25,000 project to increase the life of artificial hip implants; a £350,000 MedLINK collaborative project, funded by the Department of Health, to improve textile vascular implants for minimally invasive surgery and Membership of a £2.4m Foresight LINK project to develop new approaches for the treatment of urinary incontinence.  Our patented technology for CADCAM manufacture of surgical implants by embroidery methods is licensed, and Ellis Developments provides further research, development and technological support to the licensee. Winners of £37,500 in Department of Trade and Industry’s SMART competition, for weaving techniques in 1988 and winners of a further award in 1999.

We also carry out many confidential projects for clients in a variety of technical applications.

TECHNICAL CONSULTANT (SELF-EMPLOYED) in textile technology, since 1982. Mainly Investigating and reporting on textile matters in relation to litigation, and acting as an expert witness (with numerous court appearances and cases ranging from murder and rape to disputes over commercial contracts for fabric and garment manufacture.). Special interests include flammability of textiles, load-bearing textiles, stitching, embroidery, and patent matters. Also providing specialist technical and technically related advice for manufacturing concerns in textiles. Department of Trade and Industry Quality Initiative listed consultant 1986-92, working with textile and garment manufacturers to initiate and develop their quality systems. Other assignments include provision of technical company assessments and advice for Eastern European textile manufacturing concerns.

HONORARY PROFESSOR in the Faculty of Engineering at the University of Nottingham, from 2011 to 2021 and formerly Special Lecturer, School of Medical and Surgical Sciences, University of Nottingham, from 1992 to 2010. Acting as an advisor to a number of departments of the University on matters relating to fibres and textile structures. Also advising and assisting on commercially related research. Acted as manager for the LLIMP project, a completed £400,000 project to examine lower limb injuries in car accidents and advise on methods of prevention, and liaison officer with the parallel vehicle design project run within the vehicle industry., and has collaborated on a number of projects with the University in both medical and engineering technologies.


1983-1984 RESEARCH AND DEVELOPMENT MANAGER - W Ribbons Ltd, Tonypandy, Rhondda, South Wales. Reporting to the Group Managing Director, responsible for product development of high technology narrow fabrics for the aerospace and automotive industries.

1975-1982 QUALITY CONTROL AND FINISHED GOODS MANAGER - Jones Stroud Textiles, Long Eaton, Nottingham. Reporting to the Works Director. Recruited to implement and develop systematic quality control for the division, which manufactured elastics and narrow fabrics. Gradually assumed responsibilities for the dyehouse, laboratory services, product development, inspection, packaging stock and stock control of the 1500 product lines, order assembly, despatch and technical customer service, particularly technical customer complaints.

1973-75 QUALITY CONTROL MANAGER - Clutsom-Penn (UK). Ltd. COURTAULDS GROUP Reported to the Works Manager of the company, making elastomeric and stretch raschel and circular knitted fabrics, and dealing with customer complaints.


1971-72 RESEARCH ASSISTANT - Courtaulds Research Division, Coventry. Developing nylon and polyester yarns in pilot plant, particularly carpet yarns and speciality hosiery yarns. Plant commissioning.

1969-1971 VICE-PRINCIPAL, Light College, Katikamu, Uganda, while on leave-of-absence from Courtaulds for Voluntary Service Overseas. Responsible for the day-to-day running of the school, a remote secondary boarding school with 400 pupils and 15 African staff, as well as teaching physics and biology.

1967-1969 RESEARCH ASSISTANT - Courtaulds Research Division, as above.


M.Phil. by thesis: Some Characteristics of Woven Narrow Elastic Fabrics, Nottingham Trent University, 1984

Fellow of the Textile Institute, (FTI) 1985, following the demonstration of a body of work indicating a "major creative contribution to advancement in the field of textile technology" Previously an Associate Member by examination and exemption (Leicester De Montfort University) 1974. The Textile Institute is a body incorporated by Royal Charter, and its Fellowship is internationally recognised as the highest professional qualification in textile technology.

Member of the Royal Society of Chemistry (M.R.S.C.) in Chemical Techniques (Warley College, Birmingham) specialising in analysis, 1973. The Royal Society of Chemistry is a body incorporated by Royal Charter. The award followed a course of study followed by examination and the submission of a dissertation on the flammability of acrylic textiles.

Higher National Certificate in Chemistry (Lanchester Polytechnic, Coventry) 1970

Member, Academy of Experts, 1991 (MAE)


Officer of the Order of the British Empire (OBE) Queen's Birthday Honours, 2004


CHAIRMAN of the Independent Monitoring Board, HM Prison, Nottingham Jan 1998 - Dec 2000. The IMB is part of the official watchdog body for prisons in England and Wales, reporting directly to the Home Secretary. Vice Chairman 1997, 2001. Member for over 22 years, from 1986 to 2009. Independent Monitoring Boards have been renamed and were formerly known as Boards of Visitors.

Member of the Independent Monitoring Board, HMP Doncaster, from September 2006 to September 2007

Member of the Local Review Committee of the Parole Board from 1987 to 1994.

National Trainer, Independent Monitoring Boards (Boards of Visitors) 1999 - present

Member of the Invention for Innovation Late-stage Selection Panel since 2010 and a member of the Programme Management Committee of its predecessor, the Health Technology Devices programme of the Department of Health, since 2002, also monitoring projects on behalf of the committee and the DoH.


HONORARY PROFESSOR, Faculty of Engineering, University of Nottingham.

Chairman, East Midlands Technical Textiles Forum from its inception in 2000 to 2004. Promoting the research, development and commercial exploitation of technical textiles in the region.

Chairman, Association of Members of Boards of Visitors 1991 -1994. Specially appointed to raise the profile of the work of Members of Boards of Visitors, and to provide a focus for media requirements for an independent informed viewpoint on penal matters, as well as providing a central contact point for members of the Association. Raised finance for, organised and chaired three national training conferences. Developed considerable experience of radio, television and newspaper exposure. Executive Committee member 1989 - 1997

PRESIDENT, Nottingham Textile Society 1996-98

Former Regional Chair, Industrial Trust - East Midlands


Member of an EPSRC peer review panel of Technitex Faraday partnership research programme 2005

Member, European Thematic Network on Medical Materials, MatMed 1998 - 2001

Chairman of the Narrow Fabrics Group Committee, Textile Institute 1985-88, Committee Member 1976-1992

Chairman, Nottingham University Composites Club 1992-1994, a technical group involved in the development of collaborative research in the field of fibre reinforced materials.

Member, British Standards Institution Committee TCM7, (Narrow Fabrics) 1986-89, representing the Textile Institute

Many radio and television broadcasts and published articles on both textiles and penal affairs, in UK and abroad.

Formerly Vice-Chairman, Nottinghamshire Group, Voluntary Service Overseas. Committee member 1975 - 1995

Part-Time Tutor in Computing, Department of Adult Education, University of Nottingham 1982 -1990

Some spoken French and German


Trustee, Ruddington Framework Knitters’ Museum

Freeman of the City of London

Liveryman of the Worshipful Company of Framework Knitters - Master 2021-22

Member of the Education and Bursaries Committee of the Worshipful Company of Framework Knitters

Churchwarden and Member of local Parochial Church Council

Chair, Rolleston Village Hall Management Committee.

Trustee, The J W Harris Charity

Trustee, Gedling Parochial Charities

Public and After-Dinner speaking.

A very wide range of interests includes Gardening, Walking, Quizzes, Reading.

            Specialist Training Courses Attended include:

Alternative Dispute Resolution, Nottingham University 1991

Single Joint Expert Training, Bond Solon Legal Training, 1999

Advanced Counselling Skills, Nottingham University 1990

Team Performance Review Methods 1998

Export Office Procedures 1982

Financial Management 1980-81

Presentation Techniques, PSTB, 1999

Recruitment and Selection, Industrial Society, 2000

Parole Procedures, Home Office, 1989

Adjudication Procedures, Home Office, 1988, 1990

Preforms for Composite Materials (also session speaker) Polytechnic South West 1989

Bones, Joints & Implants, Queen Mary & Westfield College, University of London 1990

Regular courses and training in relation to the work of Boards of Visitors

Regular courses and training on computers, information technology and medical matters.

Patents and Patent Applications include: -

UK Patent Application 0713223.6 Textile Scaffolds for use in Tissue Engineering

WO 03007848 Tubular Structure

European Application 02745620.1  Stent

US Patent 4665951 Prosthetic Ligament

Hong Kong Patent 1014477 Textile Surgical Implants

European Patent 0153831 Prosthetic Ligament and Instruments for the Surgical Replacement of Ligaments

UK Patent 2183682 Elastomer-free Stretch fabric

UK Patent 2203342 Radio-Opaque Tracer for Surgical Implants

US Patent 5990378 Textile Surgical Implants

European Patent EP 0358324 Prosthetic Ligament

Patent WO 9011735 Prosthetic Ligament (Medial Collateral Ligament)

Patent WO 9012912 Tissue Repair System

UK Patent 9000774.1 Bone Replacement System

UK Patent 9110354.9 Soft Tissue Repair Tape

UK Patent 9115821.2 Reinforcement for Holes in Composite Materials

UK Patent 9218539.6 Device for the relief of strictures of the oesophagus

UK Patent 2270264 Palliative Stent and insertion device

UK Patent 9510637.3 Device for the repair of the rotator cuff of the shoulder

UK Patent 9507648.5 Method for placing reinforcing fibres in fibre reinforced composite materials

European Patent 96303741.1 Textile Surgical Implants

European Patent  EP 0744165 Device for the Reinforcement of the Rotator Cuff of the Shoulder

UK Patent 2322505 Components for Loudspeakers

PCT International Patent WO99/37242 Reinforced Graft

UK Patent 9816066.6 Method for manufacture of textile reinforced composite material

Journal Papers include: -

Forward DP, Coffey F, Wallace WA, Ellis J: Knee Injuries sustained in pedestrian road traffic accidents. Journal of Bone and Joint Surgery (Br) Orthopaedic Proceedings 85-B: Issue Suppl 1, 13 (Abstract)

C D Rudd, N A Warrior and J Ellis Embroidered Reinforcements for Structural Composites Materials Technology Vol 12 No1 Jan/Feb 1997

J G Ellis Configuration of yarns within a woven narrow elastic fabric Band- und Flechtindustrie 2/1989 pp 64-74.

Ellis JG The Effect of Dyeing and Finishing on Narrow Elastic Fabrics Band-und Flecht Industrie, Melliand 2/1981 p 50-54

Conference Presentations include: -

Tomorrow’s Textiles, Royal Society of Arts, Nottingham, December 2011

Adding Value...and why innovation must be a continual process (Keynote Lecture), TechTextil Conference, Mumbai, October 2011

Opportunities for Textiles in Composites, (Keynote Presentation) World Textile Conference of the Textile Society of India. Mumbai, May 2011

Managing Innovation, Textile Institute Managing Innovation Conference, Manchester, May 2010

Biocompatible Textile Implants, EMMAT, Nottingham, February 2010

Commercialising Medical Technology . Yorkshire Forward, Leeds, February 2010

The Development of Embroidery of Surgical Applications - Euratex Innovation Conference, Brussels, May 2007 (Invited Lecture)

Jeyam M, Roy B, Jeon I-H, Ellis J, Neumann L, Wallace WA, Medium-Term Results of an Embroidered Polyester Augmentation Device for the Treatment of Large and Massive Rotator Cuff Tears, SECEC-Esse, Athens, September 2006

Ellis JG - Recent Advances on Forensic Textiles, Royal Society of Medicine, October 2004 (Invited Lecture)

Ellis JG -The Development of Embroidered Surgical Implants - Our Journey. Technical Textiles Conference, Prague, February 28, 2004 (Invited Lecture)

McLeod ARM, Neumann, L, Ellis JG, Butcher P. The Nottingham Rotator Cuff Augmentation Device Comrades in Arms - Engineers and Surgeons, IMechE April 2001

Ellis JG Technical Textiles in the East Midlands, Technical Textiles 2001, Galasheils, February 2001 (Invited Lecture)

Ellis JG Embroidery - a new approach to Implant Manufacture Medilink East Midlands Launch January 2001 (Invited Lecture)

Ellis JG Engineering and Surgical Textiles by Embroidery, Textile Institute 80th World Conference, Manchester, April 2000

Ellis JG Surgical Implants using Embroidery Techniques UK Liaison Committee for Sciences Allied to Medicine and Biology, Medical and Biological new Technology, Fourth International Conference, Brunel, 1999

Ellis JG A Fire Hazard of Polyester Cotton fabric Covers of Moses Baskets. Textile Flammability: Current and Future Issues, The Textile Institute, Salford 30 March 1999

Ellis JG and Hopkinson BR The Endoscopic repair of Abdominal Aortic Aneurysms using embroidered textiles. Link Medical Implants Seminar, Meriden, 1998

Ellis JG, Wallace WA, Neumann L, Textiles for the Repair of The Rotator Cuff of the Shoulder Medical Textiles ‘96, Bolton UK

Ellis JG Narrow Fabrics and Orthopaedic Surgery Narrow Fabrics Group Conference June 1995, The Textile Institute

Ellis JG and Warrior NA Design and Manufacture of Stressed Components using Embroidery LINK Structural Composites Open Day, University of Nottingham, July 1996

Warrior NA and Ellis JG Manufacture of Structural Components using Embroidery Techniques LINK Structural Composites Awareness Workshop, DRA Farnborough, 23 Oct. 1996

Ellis JG Knots for Surgeons Queens Medical Centre, Nottingham 17 July 1995

JG Ellis What can Recent Textile Technology contribute to the Composites Engineer? invited lecture, Verbundwerk ‘92, Wiesbaden, Germany, July 1992.

Ellis JG Development of textiles for the production of ligament prostheses Textiles in Medicine and Surgery (TIMS) UMIST, Manchester, 10 November 1992

JG Ellis Fibres, Yarns and Textile Structures for Surgical Implants, keynote lecture, Conference on Textiles in Medicine and Surgery, UMIST, 1991

JG Ellis A Perspective on Textile Artificial Ligaments Textile Institute World Conference 1989

JG Ellis Textiles for Surgical Implants, keynote lecture, Conference on Textiles in Medicine and Surgery, UMIST, 1989

JG Ellis The Physics of the Brassiere Strap, Institute of Physics, Dec 1986

JG Ellis Textile Dyeing and Drying. Invited lecture, Narrow Fabric Textile Conference, Clemson University, USA, December 1984

Others include: -

Surgical Implants using the Techniques of Embroidery. MedLINK Project report on behalf of the project collaborators, January 2000. Ellis Developments Ltd

New web weaved for composite materials Innovators Notebook, Eureka Engineering Materials and Design, Jan 1997 p 48

The Manufacture of Structural Composites using the Techniques of Embroidery. LINK Project report on behalf of the collaborators, June 1997. Ellis Developments Ltd

JG Ellis Science of The Brassiere, Canadian Broadcasting Corporation - September 87

JG Ellis Knitting for the Surgeon Knitting International August 1986

JG Ellis I’m Not Buying anything from there ever again (Textile quality control) Knitting International October 1986

JG Ellis Anything but this must make more money (The industrial textiles market) Knitting International November 1987

JG Ellis A Bonus for the Knitwear Industry Knitting International April 1988

JG Ellis Smaller and better than anyone (narrow fabrics) Textile Horizons April 1986

JG Ellis A new stretch fabric Textile Month 1988

Novel Textile Structure for repairing human tissue or torn upholstery Medical Textiles 1991

Expert Witness Cases

The range of work includes:


Cotton blending                                       Yarn selection                                                                   Yarn faults

Yarn lustre variations                                Elastomeric yarns                                                             Weft knitting faults

Warp knitting faults                                       Label manufacture                                                            Dyeing faults

Stone washing                                                       Fabric finishing problems                                                 Fabric faults

Garment sizing                                                          Seaming faults                                                                  Carpet faults

Fabric storage                                                               Lace trim                                                                           Garment alterations

Dermatological problems                                                 Repetitive strain injury in textile working                 Children’s dresses

Carpet damage                                                                        Embroidery                                                                        Fabric soiling

Garment finishing                                                                     Swimsuit transparency                                                       Flammability

Upholstery covers                                                                             Patient lifting slings                                                            Patents

Fire loss - insurance claims, insurance fraud                                Trademark registration                                                      Passing off                                                                          

Personal injury (buckles)


Murder – fibre identification, clothing damage, forces exerted by textiles used in strangulation

    Manslaughter - blood absorption of clothing

        Suspicious death – clothing examination

            Rape, stabbing, assault – damage to clothing

                Counterfeiting of garments

                    Armed robbery – identification of clothing

                        Handling stolen goods - valuation

                            Consumer protection act - unsafe garments

                                Fraud Relating to textiles

Reconstruction of Incidents using clothing damage