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A Customised Implant Example

A patient with rheumatoid arthritis had a replacement shoulder and a replacement elbow, but the humerus fractured in the region between the two prostheses. A replacement customised implant was prepared by Biomet for Prof. Angus Wallace at the Shoulder and Elbow Unit at Nottingham City Hospital. The soft tissues needed reattaching to the metal component, therefore we designed a custom device, using as a starting point the rotator cuff repair device known as "The Nottingham Hood"  This was screwed to the metallic implant to reattach the Deltoid muscles to the middle of the humerus, and a  standard Nottingham Hood was used to reattach the rotator cuff at the shoulder.

Above: Nottingham Hood partly attached to metal prosthesis.

Above: the Biomet custom prosthesis

Right: the deltoid attachment

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