Textile Reinforcement for the Manufacture of Composites (reinforced plastics)

We are in the forefront of technical developments in the manufacture of stitching technology for preforms for composites.

More information about major projects is available on these linked pages.

The MASCET project was a major project to look at embroidered textile preforms for composites. There are ongoing developments of this technology in progress. Their major advantages include efficient structural architecture (meaning light weight) and very low waste levels during manufacture,

The ZARC project, for Z-axis reinforcement studied through stitching using computerised equipment to place the stitches exactly where required. This work is continuing, but some of it is of a commercially sensitive nature, and covered by confidentiality agreements, so cannot be described here. We will be pleased to hear from you with enquiries, however, where we can update you as to progress. We are now exploiting our work on through-stitching carbon prepreg, and can carry out work to reduce delamination on composites, please contact us for details.

The NOTS project, looked at node and truss structures. This work re-examined the work done by Barnes Wallace for the Wellington Bomber programme in the Second World War, and considers applications on modern aircraft using modern raw materials and techniques.

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Our project on structural health monitoring of composites using electrical sensors (called PRISM) has developed the technology to monitors composites (including carbon fibre structures) continuously, and therefore has many applications. These are all described in the video on the next page.

You cqn download my presentation from the TechTextil Asia Conference, India, from here