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Professor Julian Ellis has had 20 years experience in forensic matters related to textile matters. Work includes reviewing evidence of others, such as the Forensic Science Service, and providing particular specialist knowledge, including forensic reconstruction.

Murder - fibre identification, clothing damage, strangulation forces from tights

Manslaughter - blood absorption by clothing

Suspicious death - clothing examination

Rape, stabbing, assaults - damage to clothing

Counterfeiting of branded textiles

Armed robbery - identification of clothing

Drug importation - fibre evidence

Fraud in textile manufacture

Child garment safety regulatory breaches

Handling Stolen Goods (Clothing)

Fisheries Protection prosecution

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Professor Julian Ellis has been working to provide services as an expert witness for more than 20 years, and has given evidence many times in court. He is Law Society checked, and is a member of the Academy of Experts.

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