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Julian's experience in textile related litigation has, over the last twenty years, covered a wide range of textile matters. He will, of course, decline to act in matters which are outside his area of expertise.

Past cases have included problems such as:-

Cotton blending

Yarn selection  

Yarn faults

Yarn lustre variations  

Elastomeric yarns

Weft knitting faults

Warp knitting faults

Label manufacture

Dyeing faults

Stone washing

Fabric finishing problems  

Fabric faults

Garment sizing  

Seaming faults  

Carpet faults

Fabric storage

Lace trim

Garment alterations  

Dermatological problems

Repetitive strain injury in textile working

Children's dresses

Carpet damage  


Fabric soiling

Garment finishing

Swimsuit transparency    


Upholstery covers    

Patient lifting slings   


Trademark registration     

Passing off   

Personal injury (buckles) 

Fire loss

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